IDS Toronto 2019

Justin Bailey is excited to present furniture and object designs at IDS Toronto 2019 alongside Vako Darjania in Studio North.

Vako and Justin met as students at the University of Iowa in 2013, this is their first time exhibiting designs as a duo. In recent works Vako and Justin have found a common thread in their use of layered color and overlapping forms to create contemporary works of furniture and lighting design.

We are showing upholstered furniture by Vako Darjania (aka Vako Design, and overhead pendant lighting by Justin Bailey.

Crenellated Lamp II, Justin Bailey, 2019

Crenellated Lamp II, Justin Bailey, 2019

Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey is a furniture and lighting designer based in Bloomington, Indiana where he is a foundations professor at Indiana University’s School of Art, Architecture and Design, having recently graduated with an MFA in 3D Design from the University of Iowa in 2016. With a background in both sculpture and design, Justin embraces both worlds to create design that takes an experimental approach to form and structure within functional objects. 

Justin Bailey’s designs emphasize movement through surface articulation and pulling from influences in craft and technology. Building with lines and surfaces, Justin creates forms that appear lightweight, minimal, and at times, ethereal. The Lamps featured at IDS Toronto Studio North 2019 explore the interplay and overlap of color and texture in lighting. 

Contact Information

Justin Bailey
+1 (314) 780-2730

Instagram @justinbaileydesign

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Featured Works

Crenellated Lamps

Playing with prismatic color, The Crenellated Pendant Lamps layer intertwining fingers to create an an ethereal volume and a punctuated, curved silhouette. The pendant lamps are made in two sizes. The combined dichroic acrylic, faceted structure and light allow for the Crenellated Lamps to change states according to the environment they are placed within and whether they are switched on or off. Rather than just illuminate space, the Crenellated Lamps seek to inspire and define it.

The Crenellated Lamp I received a 2017 LIT Design Award for best product of the year in the Pendant Lighting category.

Crenellated Lamp I
51cm x 51cm x 69cm

Crenellated Lamp II
58cm x 58cm x 46cm

Dichroic Acrylic, Aluminum, Standard Bulb Fitting